Oct 2019 - Present

Group project with Stacey Lin (Ideation/Strategy), Claudia Altieri (Research), Mariana Escalante (Research/Ideation), Dianora Pecchioli (Research/Ideation)

Duration: Ongoing

My role: User research, strategy, ideation, documentation

Goal: Create a digital, community based care service for new mothers before, during and after giving birth.

ProcessWhile this project is ongoing, so far we have done many iterations of ideation and user research, including quantitative and quantitative, such as desktop research, formal and informal interviews and workshops with both current doulas and new mothers. 

Personal Approach: Sense-making; analyzing research findings by finding patterns in order to map the big picture and identify opportunities where value is created for service and user.


"When a baby is born, a mother is born at the same time..."


User Research & Exploration

Working in conjunction with H-Farm and Politecnico di Milano's Service Design Lab, the design challenge we chose for this service was to create a service that would have a positive social impact. 

Based on a previous masters thesis by one of our group members, we were aware of a 2015 regulation in Italy that resulted in the closure of an alarming amount of neonatal wings in Italian hospitals, particularly in rural areas.


We are designing a service that could help ameliorate the stress felt by isolated mothers and came up with Doula - an emotional and educational maternal support care service providing periodical meetings and visits throughout the pregnancy and the postpartum period. We've done secondary research, and are almost don't with primary research, having conducted several formal interviews and one collaborative workshop.

Design Strategy & Artifacts

Our biggest challenge was wrapping our minds around the environments, stakeholders, and established mental models of our potential users. To help, I created an ecosystem map, which more succinctly demonstrates the stakeholders, institutions and support systems surrounding a new mother. 

My team and I also created a service journey map to help us gain a high-level overview of the service we envisioned in order to make sure we were all on the same page and quickly communicate our stage of development to our mentors at H-Farm. 

Next Steps

We plan to hold at least two more workshops: one focusing on pregnant and new mothers, and the second focusing on co-creation with both doulas and mothers working together. During the workshop we hope to accomplish wireframes and rapid prototyping in parallel with ideation and cross-functional collaboration.

In addition, we are constructing a business plan and have a meeting with Humanitas in April 2020, which is an Italian research hospital interested in our service concept and the topic of pregnancy in general. We hope to collaborate with them or obtain a valuable research resource.